Q: What if I have a problem with loud neighbors, or animal not on a leash or extreme concerns that require immediate attention?

A: We suggest that in circumstances that require emergency assistance that residents use their right to be safe and call the proper authorizes in extreme cases, for instance, if a dog is running loose in the community animal control needs to be contacted. Broward County Animal Control (954) --------

If a dog is constantly barking and disturbing the peace of the building on a regular basis, call security to document 954-361-7490, call the humane unit 954-346-4422. This department will send someone to talk to the owner and will offer classes to assist the dog.

If there is an issue with excessive noise or loud neighbors, contact the non-emergency police 954-344-1800 or call the security company who will dispatch the security guard to document and call the authorities if needed, 954-361-7490.

Q: What if I have a problem with my unit and it is in the interior structure?

A: If your problem is related to water and it cannot wait unit normal office hours 9am -5 pm, call 1-866-378-1099. If your problem is related to your appliances or any interior electrical or you�re A/C unit is not working, call the owner to the unit for assistance or call your repair person.

Q: Can I pay my dues online?

A: You can click website and click on payments icon.

Q: What if I need to order a key fob, mailbox key or pay a fine?

A: You may and follow the prompts.